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 Melvin and Hailey Piper


Our story is simple. 

We are Broken Arrow natives that happened to get married, have kids  and now live and work in the community we call home.

After four years of German classes, a few trips to Europe and discovering this little European gem within our own city, we knew this was a great opportunity.

The timing was just right, the opportunity was timely placed and we took the leap of faith to become business owners. Through all the witnessed changes and the growth of the Rose District, we are excited to grow with the community!

We both have a heart of serving and believe there is no better way to our community's heart than creating the most scrumptious chocolates in town!


"Owners are super nice and very creative candy designers. Chocolate is superb!


Catering & Events


Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, or Corporate Event let us make your event even sweeter!

We offer a variety of custom chocolates & designs.

Have a specific color? We also offer special packaging.

Want a logo on your chocolates? No problem!

Contact us with all inquires & pricing

"Always a great experience with great customer service"


The Chocolate


We use the finest chocolate imported from Belgium. Our chocolate is delicate and requires a process called tempering. This is when we use machines to get the chocolate melted at just the right temperature. When succeeding the chocolate will be shiny and have a beautiful sound when cracked. Because of our kind of chocolate and this process, our chocolate contains no wax, unlike most store brands. Therefore our chocolate can "bloom" over time, or go out of temper.  


Contact Us

We would love to cater your next event or help you find the perfect gift for that special loved one.